Turn your patio into a green space

June 28, 2022

The science and studies have been conducted, and it’s true. Human beings really enjoy their green space whether it’s in their backyard, at a public park or out in nature. You’d be surprised to learn just how beneficial green space can be to every individual no matter where they reside in the universe.

Closer to home, you can create a beautiful green space environment with your patio. Our exterior design experts have some great recommendations that are affordable and give off a relaxing, personal vibe.

Green Space Really Does A Body Good

Being around greenery makes individuals feel good and does something nice for one’s mental spirit and physical wellness.

Psychologists believe that when you’re exposed to green space, it can boost your happiness and creativity, reduce stress, improve your sleep and even add more significance to your life.

Green space comes in all shapes and sizes, and the closer you are to greenery, the bigger the impact it can have on you.

Define Your Patio Space With Lighting

Being outside in your backyard can be so awesome that you may never want to go back inside, and fixing up your patio to show off its beautiful green space doesn’t have to cost you thousands.

For example, decorative string lights are one of the quickest and simplest ways of setting a mood and adding a bit of dreamy twinkle to your favorite area. These lights are inexpensive, and when you string them up, you are defining your patio space. You can hang them in your tree branches, across the patio or even use them as boundaries if you lake a fence or wall.

Build A Path-Covered, Blooming Pergola

Here is another cool idea for enhancing your patio’s green space. A pergola can be constructed to make a gorgeous sitting area with vertical posts or pillars. These elegant roof-type structures often feature cross-beams and a sturdy open framework.

To add to the allure of nature, choose colorful plants that like to climb so that you can grow a path-covered pergola. Some of the loveliest plants would include wisteria, trumpet vines, honeysuckle, clematis and rambling roses.

Create A Green Oasis Around The Patio

Let’s be honest. Green plants offer such beauty, a soothing environment and a healthy purification to your outdoor space, and it’s especially wonderful for the patio.

You can surround the perimeter of your patio with an assortment of greenery, and finding your favorite, lush plants on clearance is the best way to start. It’s really convenient and good for your budget when you can buy fresh dug plants from the nursery to accent your landscaping decor at excellent low prices.

Bamboo plants on clearance, for instance, are considered to be easy maintenance and the ideal ornamental shrubs for your patio oasis.

Add Interesting Texture With Natural Materials

This is another fab and simple method for enhancing your patio’s green space and keeping it real so to speak. Texture always draws the eye in, and your favorite outdoor space can move to the next ultimate level with a bit of texture layering.

For example, outdoor design experts suggest a layer of slate chips, which will look nice between a fence and your patio. It allows for breathing space and will keep your furniture from getting pushed against the wall.

Slate chips are attractive and chunky. Don’t forget to put down a piece of landscape fabric before your layer the slate chips.

Place Various Plants In Containers For Eye Appeal

If you don’t have tons of room on your patio for major shrubs, you could also purchase smaller plants of various sizes to add chic greenery. Container pots can exude elegance and come in all types of materials such as resin, concrete, ceramic, clay, etc.

You can add containers in different shapes and colors or stay with the same hue for a greater impact.

A low bowl of coleus is just one pretty plant gorgeous on a patio.

It doesn’t have to take a huge amount of money and time to transform your backyard patio into an inviting and beautiful green space for relaxation, entertainment and enjoyment. Try these tips, and get your green on!




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